Sink Refinishing in Colorado

Fresh Look Refinishing is a deep-rooted, local brand in the state of Colorado that has been helping customers improve their homes since 2013. Our services offer incredible savings over replacement projects, usually putting 75% more money in our clients‘ pockets! Refinishing work also can be completed much quicker than replacement work, cutting down on the inconvenience of making home improvements.

One of our most popular refinishing services is sink refinishing. Since sinks are constructed out of the same materials as bathtubs in most cases, refinishing them is nearly the same, except on a smaller scale. We deep clean the sink, repair any damage, then refinish it with whatever color you prefer. Sinks can be finished with a high gloss, semi-gloss, or flat finish to give you the perfect look.

sink 33

Shower base work

For people who have showers, don’t fret, we can help you too! Our team can easily refinish damaged shower bases, restoring their glow, removing discoloration, and mending scratches or dings.

This is usually the only part of the shower that shows extensive damage, so having it refinished makes far more sense than replacing the entire shower, walls, and all

Color sample gallery

Here are just a few of the many sinks we have refinished in Colorado.

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