Countertop Refinishing in Colorado

Fresh Look Refinishing offers outstanding countertop refinishing solutions for clients across Colorado. While we built our reputation on our ability to refinish bathtubs, we also can revitalize other major parts of your property, including countertops.

The countertops in kitchens and bathrooms almost always act as the focal point of the room, setting the tone for the surroundings. This is why it is so important to pick the perfect look for your home. Rather than paying a fortune to buy expensive materials, we offer refinishing options that can mimic the look of luxurious stone or any other item you prefer. Learn about how we refinish counters below.


Our multi spec countertop refinishing process

The refinishing of your countertops is about a 5-6 hour process. It starts by protecting all other surfaces that are not to be refinished (masking off cabinets, sinks, floor, walls, etc) along with setting up ventilation and equipment. Then all surface damage is identified and repaired with rigorous sanding and thorough cleaning. Finally, the surface is fully prepped, free of dust and debris.

Now the base coat color, which is an epoxy primer, is applied via an HVLP spray gun. Once it has dried, a water-based acrylic multi-stone is applied. Once it has dried, it is lightly sanded until it’s smooth to the touch and ready for the final process.

The topcoat/ clearcoat (which comes in either a gloss or satin finish and is an acrylic urethane) is then applied via an HVLP spray gun. All protective coverings are removed, equipment is packed up, the area is cleaned, and ready to be inspected for your satisfaction. 24-36 hours later, your newly refinished countertops will be ready for use!


Finished products

Our color options open the door to exciting possibilities for kitchen and bathroom countertops and tiles, places where color is particularly expressive. Add richness, tranquility, and soothing warmth or lighten up dark spaces with our large color selection.

These beautiful color options perform in the same way on fiberglass, laminate, acrylics, cultured marble, porcelain ceramic tile surfaces and are available in four finishes: high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and crosslink (abbreviated cl which has a textured feel with a shine).

Color sample gallery

Take a look at the range of color options we have available here, and contact us for a free estimate or to set up a time to view samples in person.

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